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Dynamic System 6.1


Dynamic System 6.1 Download


2nd Exciting Thing - Level - 2


Greetings this Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012 to all my Dynamic Members !

Last year during Christmas you had received the 1st Exciting Thing - LEVEL - 1. The Education of Level – 1 was the 1st step as in primary education of schooling, and now its time for the higher education as promised by me, the 2nd Exciting Thing – LEVEL - 2. Well, following soon with it would also be the 4th Exciting Thing.

The Level - 2 was ready long back in a document form, but slowly I have understood that many of my Dynamic Members need convenient resources to implement while trading... Studying a document would not be a good idea, so instead I have now decided to make things easier for you by introducing you to the simplified DYNAMIC SYSTEM 6.1 version.

The DS 6.1 has been designed to take decision according to the Profit Booking Combination Methods used in Level - 2. The Level - 2 is an advanced strategy of trading system unlike the Level - 1 where you had only 7 methods to choose from, here in Level - 2 the 8th method along with the permutations and combinations of many more methods gives excellent trading results. These permutations and combinations are automatically done in 6.1 by showing you a DAILY ACTION REPORT, which simply indicates you as to what Action you can take the next day - BUY, SELL, BOOK PROFITS or DO NOTHING.

As a Dynamic Member you are a part of DOVEMAN GROUP and being a part of my family, I would 1st like to share this DYNAMIC SYSTEM 6.1 version with you. Continue your trading according to the special ACTION REPORT of the 6.1 and you shall reap the benefits of STOCK MARKET along with us.

Shortly, in my next mail you shall receive the DYNAMIC SYSTEM 6.1 version.

Wishing you the best of knowledge and prosperity.

Best Regards,

Doveman Group


2 Years Back


2 Years back I was determined to eradicate the trading problems that my Dynamic Members were facing with the Broking Firms that they were trading with.... So, with my strong belief I had ANNOUNCED that we shall have our own Membership House within 2 to 3 years that would not only help all my Dynamic Members to eradicate these problems but also help them learn, educate and get trained on the actual, positive and PROFITABLE TRADES.

Now, I am proud to announce that the Dream Thought has become a reality... we are now the official Trading and Clearing Member for MCX (Multi-Commodity Exchange).






Dear Dynamic Member,

I would like to congratulate all my Dynamic Members who have understood the Dynamic System, are following it with dedication and are making more profits all the time.

Before creating the Dynamic System my research was based on one thought and i.e. "How to minimize losses and Make Only Profits in Stock Market" and after I launched the Dynamic System I strongly believe and challenge that if Dynamic System is followed religiously, one can make enormous amount profits.

The Dynamic System has worked for me from the past 10 years and so has worked for many members in the past 4 years and it will keep on making wonders for you through your lifetime.

I am proud of many of my Dynamic Members who have experienced the wonders of the System as I receive many mails from all over India who share their experiences about making profits using the Dynamic System.

I acknowledge Mr. VBS from Bangalore who have simply followed the signals and made excellent profits in Commodities and never missed a chance in Gold, and Mr. Bhupendra Shah and Mr.Pruthvesh Darji from Ahmedabad who with only the knowledge given in the workshop and the research on the system are chasing for profits. Mr. Shailesh Shettiwar from Mumbai, are a few more achievers to name and acknowledge.

The above mentioned members and many more achievers are the STARS of Dynamic System, as most of the time they are the talk of discussion amongst our staff and the Core Dynamic Team of Traders in Bangalore.

The existing STARS have actually motivated me to find more STARS of Dynamic System... in fact I am planning for an event wherein the STARS of Dynamic System will get be Awarded & Acknowledged with Rewards & Goodies or even an additional Dynamic System or an extended subscription of DYNAMIC LIVE!!. Also the STARS would be highlighted on our website and their displayed photos would enhance the beauty of our Bangalore Office.

If you want to get into the STAR listing just send me a mail with your trading method using the Dynamic System and your achievements and check yourself if you could be selected the STAR of 2011. So feel free to share your experiences with me.

I have dedicated my life for Dynamic System and for the well being of all Dynamic System members. This is just a beginning. Bigger things like the DYNAMIC LIVE are on the way and will be reaching you shortly.

Keep sending your mails.

Happy Earnings,





"The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance, or the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor."

Please which one of the following belong to you?
There are many type of traders, an awareness of the varieties allows you to avoid the pitfalls.

    This is the ideal type of trader, you take your profits and loses with ease, you focus on your system and follow it with discipline.Trading is usually a relax activity,you appreciate that a loss does not make you a looser.
    you find it difficult to execute at signals, you doubt your won abilities.You need to develop confidence.Perhaps you should paper trade.
    All losses are someones elses fault, you blame bad fills, your broker for picking the phone up to slowly , our system for not being perfect, you need to regain your objectivity and self-responsibility.
    You blame yourself, you feel the market is out to get you, you start becoming superstitious in your trading.
    You start thinking its only money , ill make it back later. you think all losses will bounce back to profits, or that you will start trading properly tomorrow.
    You are in for the trill, Money is a side issue. Risk and reward analysis hardly figure in your trade, You want to be a player, want the buzz and excitement.
  • TIMID.
    You enter a trade, but panic at the sight of a profit and take it far to soon, Fear rules your trading.
    Best Regards,